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Хитклифф (26 файлов)
S 01 Ep 01 The Great Pussini - Kitty Kat Kennels.mpg (517.08 MB)
S 01 Ep 02 Chauncey's Great Escape - Carnival Capers.mpg (473.25 MB)
S 01 Ep 03 Mad Dog Catcher -Circus Beserkus.mpg (509.28 MB)
S 01 Ep 04 Rebel Without a Claws - The Farming Life Ain't Me.mpg (494.30 MB)
S 01 Ep 05 Heathcliff's Middle Name - Wishful Thinking.mpg (489.31 MB)
S 01 Ep 06 King of the Beasts - Cat Can Do.mpg (465.22 MB)
S 01 Ep 07 Smoke Gets in my Eyes - Much Ado about Bedding.mpg (486.76 MB)
S 01 Ep 08 City Slicker Cat - House of the Future.mpg (468.31 MB)
S 01 Ep 09 Spike's Cousin - For the Birds.mpg (462.24 MB)
S 01 Ep 10 Heathcliff's Pet - Swamp Fever.mpg (482.28 MB)
S 01 Ep 11 Teed Off - Monstro vs. the Wolfhound.mpg (469.88 MB)
S 01 Ep 12 Say Cheese - Cat's Angels.mpg (495.40 MB)
S 01 Ep 13 Meow Meow Island - Iron Cats.mpg (467.89 MB)
S 01 Ep 14 Family Tree - Who's Got the Chocolate.mpg (465.23 MB)
S 01 Ep 15 Be Prepared - Cruisin' for a Bruisin'.mpg (475.38 MB)
S 01 Ep 16 Heathcliff Gets Canned - Whackoed Out.mpg (482.35 MB)
S 01 Ep 17 Brain Sprain - Cat Balloon.mpg (537.79 MB)
S 01 Ep 18 May the Best Cat Win - Comedy Cats.mpg (555.04 MB)
S 01 Ep 19 Revenge of the Kitty - Jungle Vacation.mpg (512.67 MB)
S 01 Ep 20 Hospital Heathcliff - Hector's Takeover.mpg (462.16 MB)
S 01 Ep 21 Going Shopping - Cat in the Fat.mpg (544.98 MB)
S 01 Ep 22 Wild Cat Heathcliff - Kitten Around.mpg (478.22 MB)
S 01 Ep 23 Catburglar Heathcliff - Lucky's Unlucky Day.mpg (478.14 MB)
S 01 Ep 24 The Blizzard Bandit - Harem Cat.mpg (478.54 MB)
S 01 Ep 25 Kitten Smitten - Young Cat with a Horn.mpg (481.30 MB)
S 01 Ep 26 The Gang's All Here - The Meowsic Goes Round & Round.mpg (480.49 MB)


Хитклифф (сериал, 1984 - 1987)
Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats

Cписок серий:

The Great Pussini/Kitty Kat Kennels
Chauncey's Great Escape/Carnival Capers
Mad Dog Catcher/Cicus Berserkus
Rebel Without a Claws/The Farming Life Ain't for Me
Heathcliff's Middle Name/Wishful Thinking
Smoke Gets in My Eyes/Much Ado About Bedding
City Slicker Cat/House of the Future
Spike's Cousin/For the Birds
Heathcliff's Pet/Swamp Fever
Teed Off/Monstro and Wolfhound
Say Cheese/Cat Angles
Meow Meow Island/Iron Cats
Family Tree/Who's Got the Chocolate
Be Prepared/Cruisin for a Bruisin
Heathcliff Gets Canned/Whacked Out
Brain Sprain/Cat Balloon
May the Best Cat Win/The Comedy Cat
Revenge of the Kitty/Jungle Vacation
Hospital Heathcliff/Hector's Takeover
Going Shopping/Cat in the Fat
Wild Cat/Kitten Around
Cat Burglar/Lucky
Blizzard/Harem Cat
Kitten Smitten/Young Cat with a Horn
The Gang's All Here/The Meow-Sic Goes Round And Round
Snow Job/Condo Fever
Pumping Iron/Mungo's Dilemna
Heathcliff's Double/Big Foot
Terrible Tammy/Games of Love
Big Top Bungling/Space Cats
Lard Times/The Merry Pranksters
Spike's Slave/Scaredy Cats
Gopher Broke/A Camping We Will Go
Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way/Yes, Sewer, That's My Baby
Soap Box Derby/A Better Mousetrap
Bamboo Island/Super Hero Mungo
Butter Up!/Mungo Gets No Respect
Sonja's Nephew/Dr. Mousetus
Cat Food for Thought/Going South
Phantom of the Garbage/Junkyard Flood
Trombone Terror/The Other Woman
Pop's Parole/The Babysitters
The Siamese Twins/The Mungo Mash
Copa Ca Heathcliff/Leroy's in Love
Used Pets/Search for a Star
An Officer and an Alley Cat/Hector Spector
Service with a Smile/Junkfood
Boom Boom Pussini/Beach Blanket Mungo
Sealand Mania/Riff Raff the Gourmet
Chauncey's Great Escape
City Slicker Cat
Heathcliff's Middle Name
King of the Beasts
Mad Dog Catcher
Rebel Without a Claw
Smoke Gets in My Eyes

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