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Премьера (РФ): 18 января 2011


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Cписок серий:

Meet Kody & the Wives
Courting a Fourth Wife
Wives on the Move
Third Wife in Labor
1st Wife's 20th Anniversary
A Fourth Wife to Be
Four Wives and Counting...
Honeymoon Special
Browns Out of Hiding
Free Range Browns
The Price of Polygamy
Carving Into Polygamy
Wife #3 Hits Sin City
Polygamist Party
The Brown Family Decision
Sister Wives in Holiday Crisis
No Place for Home
Gambling on the Future
Sister Wives in the City of Sin
The Wives Diet Woes
July 4th Rebellion
Another Wife
Sister Wives on the Strip
The Announcement
Teen Sex Talk
4 Houses, 4 Relationships
The 4 Lives of Kody Brown
Defending Polygamy
Эпизод #3.6
Эпизод #3.7
Another Wife
College-Bound Browns
Polygamist Pilgrimage Into the Past
Sister Wives Separated
Brutal Honesty
Infertility & Nesting
4 Wives, 4 Valentines
Hard to Say Goodbye
Brown Family Confessions
The Big Decision
Four Wives in Two Rvs
From Monogamy to Polygamy
Courting Another Wife
Robyn: Behind the Scenes
Four Lives of Kody's Wives
Polygamy Questions Answered
First a Verdict, Then a Lawyer
Polygamist Flash Mob
Browns in Crisis
Tragedy in the Family
Third Wife in Labor
No Place Like Home
Эпизод от 17 июня 2012
Leaving the Nest
Эпизод от 18 ноября 2012
Эпизод от 25 ноября 2012
More Sister Wives!
Эпизод от 16 декабря 2012
Polygamist Marriage Therapy
Picking Up the Pieces
Big Boy Panties
Christmas Surprise
Robyn's Secret
A Wife Decides
Sister Wives on the Ropes
Sister Wives Tell All
Mother-in-Law Invasion
Boys Night Out
Эпизод от 19 января 2014
While the Wives Are Away...
Celebration Countdown
Meri Drops a Bomb
Polygamists in a Shark Tank
Эпизод от 29 июня 2014
Эпизод от 27 июля 2014
Keep Your Hands to Yourself
The Hardest Parts of Love

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